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About Us

There are several companies offering alarm systems and armed response services, therefore we realised a need to get an independent opinion.

Our service guarantees to get you the lowest alarm system quote available in your area.

Types of Alarm Systems

There are several types of alarm systems you can get to safeguard your family or your business.

First you have a choice between the different types of indoor alarms, namely regular and wireless alarms.

With regular alarms the security company will have to wire each “eye” and door magnet with wires to the unit.

Unlike regular alarms, wireless alarms are as the name suggests – wireless or without wires. These communicate wirelessly with the unit if there is any security breach.

Then you also have a choice between indoor and outdoor alarms. The indoor alarms have basically been discussed above. The outdoor alarms or as it’s better known, outdoor motion detection systems, are infrared beams, which are triggered should someone overstep your property boundary or approach any doors when they are not supposed to.

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Do You Really Need an Alarm System?

The need for additional safety and security has become common-place in South Africa due to the high crime rates.

This has simultaneously given rise to the need for private security companies that offer Alarm Systems and Armed Response services.

Although this is an additional cost to the user, one really has few other options as the Police services are under tremendous pressure and cannot react as quickly to an emergency as a private security company can.

These companies patrol residential areas and can be at the house or business within minutes of an alarm being triggered.

View the types of alarms available as well as how door sensors can be your personal security guard around the house.


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